I’m going to release the code for the Bike Spoke images. But which license should I use? gives a handy guide, and I quickly decided on the MIT License. (

Why? That’s a question with two levels.

Firstly, I want to distribute the code so that others can learn from it, use it, and tweak it to add things to adapt it to their use cases. (For example, running with less LEDs, or changing the image, or, even, providing a memory card containing the image on the fly…) An open source license allows this.

Secondly, I want some attribution (or as some might say, blame) for my code. But if it blows up your toaster or makes your cat sick on the rug (it won’t), I don’t want to be liable. If someone invents a wizzy method for something that builds on my code, and manages to license/sell it, great for them. This means further use of my code, which goes back to the original reason for building stuff; to make something that might outlast you.

The MIT license fits with these goals, and is not an enormous long legalistic document that no-one will read (c.f. GPL v2 or v3). So my default license will be the MIT license. And I see this work plastered all over a youtube video as a how-to (with attribution) I will be happy.


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